quarta-feira, 25 de junho de 2008

REVIEW: Blaze Bayley – The Man Who Would Not Die

By Nilton Rodrigues

Blaze is the Elvis of Heavy Metal. Take it easy my Zoneiro friend, I’m not saying this just because his side whiskers and the belly that the king got in his last days of career.

But dispite of personal taste, the ex-frontman and the ex-voice of Iron Maiden, has a unique tone, inimitable. If it is not Blaze, then it’s a cover (and here is that comparsion with the king!).

Blaze is releasing a new album, intituled The Man Who Would Not Die, after countless problems in his band, troubles in personal life and with record companies, The man releases not just a new album, but a massive sound bomb, working like a protest and screaming in your face something like “I’m alive, you son of a bitch!”.

12 tracks, 12 examples of how Heavy Metal can be the reason for somebody’s life, in this case, Blaze himself. The title track is the one to sing with your eyes closed, reminding everything and everyone that ever doubt you, spitting anger and life. Blaze make us stronger right in the begining of the album.

In Blackmailer, the guitar riffs show how the man got right picking his band line up.Smile Back at Death one of most peculiar songs, that the crowd will definitely sing together in the shows, along with the guitar chords.

While you were gone is the one that makes you proud of the former target of punches of maiden fans. The rest of the album are all powerful punches songs.

Samurai and A Crack in the System reminds the first two Blaze’s albums. Waiting for my life to begin has also a beautiful chorus with an intersting melody. The massacre goes on with The Truth is One, Voices from the Past, Serpent Hartred Man.

The Man Who Would Not Die is a manifest of life, a punch in the face of all those who desbelif Blaze, an artist who takes Heavy Metal to the limit of a life style, free of upside down crosses, make-ups, or modern sounding drums .

A Thank you for the fans, indispensable for his critics. Blaze is alive, and all we can do about it is say “thank you”

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